Friday, October 24, 2008


I did 70 pcs, for Hari Raya; 1 design of mosque but different colours for corporate company.
RM20 - 1pc

A mock-up card for client
RM15 - 1pc

I did a mock-up 'Thank You' pop-up card for corporate company
RM17 - 1 pc

A very gorgeous n tiny tux & wedding dress
RM22 - 1pc

Another piece of tux and evening dress for customer's BF.
RM22 - 1pc

Another mock-up card for client
RM25 - 1 pc

A card for my 19th anniversary beloved sis. She stunned
RM20 - 1 pc

Raya collection; Kebaya Pendek for my bosses, Datin Seri Sharifah Kirana & Kak Shashue
RM23 - 1 pc

A card for Lily's Boyfriend. She wanted something which resembles his BF face. She damn loving it