Friday, October 24, 2008


I did 70 pcs, for Hari Raya; 1 design of mosque but different colours for corporate company.
RM20 - 1pc

A mock-up card for client
RM15 - 1pc

I did a mock-up 'Thank You' pop-up card for corporate company
RM17 - 1 pc

A very gorgeous n tiny tux & wedding dress
RM22 - 1pc

Another piece of tux and evening dress for customer's BF.
RM22 - 1pc

Another mock-up card for client
RM25 - 1 pc

A card for my 19th anniversary beloved sis. She stunned
RM20 - 1 pc

Raya collection; Kebaya Pendek for my bosses, Datin Seri Sharifah Kirana & Kak Shashue
RM23 - 1 pc

A card for Lily's Boyfriend. She wanted something which resembles his BF face. She damn loving it


Amad Asycroft said...

i love ur cards!!
cantik giler....
terkedu i tgk..

faz said...

suker sgt..... lain dr yg lain...
design bgs gak...hasil
kerja pun kemas tgk dr kad baju kebaya tu.....

huhu next time blh le order wat invitation party ......

harga tu ....tade diskaun ker?

darklighter said...

Cute2 nok..kad2 ko..bagus ar.. buat duit ngan pop-up card tu..hehe

Azlina Abdul said...

WOWWOWOWOWOWOWOWOOW!!!!! Your cards are GORGEOUS!!! I especially love the kebaya cards....and the price you charge are worth the amount of time you used to make the cards so I have no complaints about that! hehehe! I make handmade cards myself so I understand how hard it can be to design and make them by hand. All the best to you Teddie! Keep the designs coming! Great job!!

Teddie said...

thank you... for all your support n comments..