Monday, November 17, 2008

People in Cards

Rugby player in jersey. RM35 - 1 pc

Lily's friend in her Suzuki Swift. RM20 - 1pc

First pregnancy as a theme. RM20 - 1pc

Mom's resemble. RM20 - 1pc

Boss figuration as a theme. RM25 - 1pc

Loving Couple. RM35 - 1pc

Travolta as a theme. One of my fave. RM35 - 1pc

Good Luck Card. RM35 - 1pc

Lately, I received few made-to-order cards which is persons as a theme.
Above: Birthday card. RM35 - 1 pc


Efarojie said...

love the trovolta's card!!!

keep it up doll

Teddie said...

I'd love travolta, KL scenery, and retro couple the most

SuhailaJohanBokhari said...

I like your cards. menarik .. you ada studio sendiri ke?

Teddie said...

Suhaila: studio i dlm bilik tidur i sendiri.. u cant imagine how selerak my bilik is... hehehe

Fatt.Nazz said...

same la studio i pon kt dlm bedroom i jgk...selerak gile dgn kain2...hahaha..

[ t ] is tEdDie said...

Ye la Fatt.. ntah bila nak ade kilang sendiri kan?? hehe